Visit Kobba klintar

Visit Kobba Klintar

The transfer boat to Kobba Klintar runs every day 10.30 and 13.30 from the western harbour near the Pommern museum ship as long as the cafe is open. Other times can be arranged as long as the weather permits.

In summertime, the association offers transport for the members of Kobba Klintars Friends with a discount €10 return (normally € 25 return).

For more information and bookings please call:

Bo-Erik Westberg +358 457 3420 538
Bo-Erik can guide you through both the big house and the Kobbabåk.

Other times can be arranged. When making a booking it is also possible to depart from the Eastern Harbour

Picnic tour:

You can also book the ‘picnic tour’ and a viewing of the house and the Kobbabåk. Bring your own food or order a picnic basket together with the boat trip.

The unique view of the Åland Sea and the historically interesting place make Kobba Klintar a great destination for an excursion. Visitors are always welcome to Kobbarna!

In the past, the proud sailing ships made use of pilots from Kobba Klintar upon their arrival to the maritime city. Today, instead, you can see the modern cruise ships passing by. On the island you can explore the old pilot’s cabin and the larger pilot’s house with its fog horn. On the balcony of the house there is a pilot carved out of wood scouting out across the sea made by artist Juha Pykäläinen. The Pilots House lives on as a museum.

With or without your own boat

You visit Kobba Klintar by boat. The inlet is marked with line boards and there is a nice harbour. The port fee is voluntary and the money goes to the conservation of Kobba Klintar.If you do not have your own boat, you can use the connecting boat from the Western Harbour near the museum ship Pommern, Mariehamn. See: Visit Kobba Klintar / Boat


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