Kobba Klintar’s Friends

Kobba Klintar’s Friends Association was founded in 2002 to preserve and nurture the unique maritime and culturally interesting environment associated with Kobba Klintar. The island belongs to Mariehamn and is all of Åland’s face towards the sea. The association leases the island, including all the buildings and the port facility, for a symbolic sum from the city of Mariehamn. The lease runs for 25 years and makes it possible to carry out the association’s objectives.

Kobba Klintar’s Friends is responsible for:

  • Maintenance and restoration of the buildings at Kobba Klintar
  • Enabling to keep the pilot station open to the public

The harbour was restored in 2007 and we have thus gained more boat places and a beach for small boats. The entrance to the harbour is marked with line boards. A voluntary port fee goes towards the conservation of Kobba Klintar.


Bjarne Pettersson
Doppingvägen 6A8
22100 Mariehamn

Executive director
Rune Karlsson
+358 (0) 4573135160

The secretary of the association (including the membership registry)
Stig Forsman

Other members of the Board
Les Husell
Marita Karlsson
Ursula Koponen
Juha Pykäläinen

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